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They are talking about us:

Immediate Past President of the World Packaging Organisation

They are talking about us:

I think it is a great invention, so simple yet so clever! And very relevant to someone like me with two young kids.

Lochlan, Perth
How it started?
  • they are expensive. i.e. 6 times more for yoghurt ($17/kg instead of $2.5/kg for homemade),
  • they are not recyclable (part of the 449,000 Tonnes of flexible plastic produced per year in Australia that end up in the landfill),
  • they contain industrially processed food (contains higher amounts of sugar, and preservatives…), and
  • It is a practice that is informing our kids that it is normal and ok to throw away single-use plastics everyday rather than being environmentally friendly.
  • filled syringes are cumbersome and too large for a kid’s lunch bag so we have created a foldable handle (patent in progress),
  • drinking/eating from the syringe tip wasn’t practical so we have implemented a self-closing valve
A large problem to solve.
Solution : A foldable and smart syringe
What’s next ?
What koor means?

If you are also trying to reduce your single-use packaging waste, we are on the same journey!

Let’s join forces!

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