Freedom to EAT whenever, wherever.

They are talking about us:

Past President of the World Packaging Organisation

They are talking about us:

Lochlan, Dad from Perth
How it started?
  • they are expensive. i.e. 6 times more for yoghurt ($17/kg instead of $2.5/kg for homemade),
  • they are not recyclable (part of the 449,000 Tonnes of flexible plastic produced per year in Australia that end up in the landfill),
  • they contain industrially processed food (contains higher amounts of sugar, and preservatives…), and
  • It is a practice that is informing our kids that it is normal and ok to throw away single-use plastics everyday rather than being environmentally friendly.
  • filled syringes are cumbersome and too large for a kid’s lunch bag so we have created a foldable handle (patent in progress),
  • we can design a self-closing cap.
A large problem to solve.
Solution : A foldable and smart syringe
What’s next ?
What does koor means?
I’ve heard that koor containers can be beneficial for individuals who face challenges with eating. Can you tell me more about that?

If you are also trying to reduce your single-use packaging waste, we are on the same journey!

Let’s join forces!

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